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Group of Institutions

Highly configurable all-in-one integrated solution for a group of institutions(of mixed type) to manage all of them from a single dashboard.

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K-12 Institutions

Standard school management software with in-built features to cater to the needs of different levels and education boards of k-12 institutions

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Higher Education

Solutions to meet the diverse nature of higher education courses with modules that are adaptable to its complex functions

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Group of Modules

Basic Modules

These are the basic building blocks or core modules which are essential for any other modules of the ERP to function. It has the organizational settings, and management of student data and staff data

Finance Modules

These are finance-related modules which help in Fee Collection, Sale of Uniform/ Books, Core Accounts, Purchasing and Inventory. All data can be transferred to the core accounts module.

HR Modules

These are the HR related modules which covers everything from staff recruitment, staff leave and attendance management, performance, payroll, staff login and internal communication.

Academic/LMS Modules

These have the offline and online class management tools. This includes links to online classes or contents, online assignments, online exam and results publish besides the standard academic modules.

Administration Modules

These cover the enquiry management, online application and fee payment, admissions. It also covers management of Transport, Hostel, Meeting/Visitor, File, Service Desk.

Communication Modules

Communication made easy with SMS, email and App messaging integrated with Fee Module, Event Calendar and reminders for other modules. Also group communications to parents/ students and staffs.

Why TechEzy


TechEzy is a Comprehensive and Integrated Software Solution that helps to effectively manage the Student Lifecycle and Supporting Functions of an institution. Stakeholders get an Aerial View of the institution that helps facilitate Better Communication, and The New Advanced Control Centre Feature alerts stakeholders when necessary; thereby saving time, accelerating productivity and making it possible to manage multiple institutions of a group with one dashboard.

TechEzy automates the complete processes from Application-Admission to Academics to Withdrawal and Alumni along with the Supporting Functions of an Institution such as HR, Finance, and overall Administration- in a combination of 50+ Core Modules which are highly extensible, available with an Integrated Database and backed with 24/7 Customer Support, and Assured Data Security.

A Single Software and Single Vendor for all services; TechEzy is also Customizable and Flexible according to personal preferences. Furthermore, TechEzy is compatible with many education boards including the Regional State Board, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and IB.

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